This is YVF's Live Site.  We will be ready for Live accounts on 9/24/2020.  The live site will open with access to your Directory Listing Profile.  Then each week additional items will be activated for your use.  I just want to make sure both you and I have a clean, bug free experience with our launch and services! 


The First Directory Listing Members (150) world wide will get a deeply discounted price for all of the YVF's Business Features!


The initial contract is for 15 month Totaling $377.00 (US Pricing - each Country $ is independant) That's right around $25 per month to run your business!


Initial Rollout Dates


24-Sep-2020 - Directory Listing


5-Oct-2020 - Content Upload to Rings - Charge to proof content

5-Oct-2020 - Sub-Directory Listing to Rings - Free


12-Oct-2020 - Online and In Office Scheduling Program for Verified Businesses


26-Oct-2020 - Online and In Office Marketplace Program for Verified Businesses

Thanks and I hope you enjoy our new website